Laura House and the first time fail

laurahouseNo one gets pregnant the first time they have sex! Well, except for Laura House that is. This week, Laura returns to share her tale of what it was like to be young, pregnant, and living in Texas right after her V card got swiped.

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Eddie and the leopard print

eddiealfanoWhat’s it like to be a male stripper? Eddie Alfano can tell you. And while he does, you’ll learn a lot about the male objectification experience (hint: it’s really different than the female objectification experience). Eddie gets real about putting his life on hold and making money the sometimes hard way.

Debbie and the 18 eggs

tabootalesgroundlingsThe hilarious and wonderful Debbie lets us in on the world of immigrant parents, potential motherhood, and the difficulty of leading two lives.

Allyson Weinhold and the obsession

alisonAllyson Weinhold joins us this time to talk about how her obsession with “emotional unavailable Evan” actually uncovered what her REAL obsession was.

DeJon Joyner and the black and white thinking

dejonDeJon Joyner shares his experience about what it was like to go from from being the only black kid in his class in the suburbs to being the only “white” kid in his class in Watts. Talking about race can be hard to navigate, but DeJon couldn’t be a more gracious guide.

Hayley Terris and the accidental porn stardom

hayleySome people dream about getting into porn, some end up in it because of unhappy circumstances, but Hayley Terris? She fell into it accidentally – and literally. Listen to her hilarious and heartfelt piece about healing, acceptance, and unlikely fame.

Diane pershing and the illegal transaction


In this episode the wonderful actress and storyteller, Diane Pershing, opens up about what life was like for a young pregnant woman in the time before Roe vs. Wade. Diane’s story makes us realize just how many rights we take for granted nowadays!

Navaris and the racial “preferences”


Navaris Darson, pro improv actor and comedian, gets real about his dating experience as a black man in Los Angeles. He just wants to go to bang town a couple more times a week but finds some roadblocks due to racial “preferences.”

Keryl and the pulling problem

kerylKeryl gets honest about her addiction to pulling hair, trichotillomania (or as the kids call it: trich). Listen to her journey. Even if you’ve never pulled, you can totally relate to what’s behind it all (fear, anxiety… the old standards).