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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We want to read your taboo story. Everyone has one. In fact, everyone has a really interesting, taboo story.  So send it to us and be on stage! We read each and every story and we don’t judge them.


1.   Stories must be taboo, which means you wouldn’t tell them out loud to a group of strangers.

2.   No drunk or poo stories. We’ve all been drunk. We’ve all poo’d. Drunk Uncle Steve taking a dump on the lawn is not taboo. We can do better.

3.   The stories must be true, about you, and capture your feelings. Tell us how your taboo makes you feel! Be vulnerable. It’s freeing and people love it.

4.   Be funny! Life is weird, let’s laugh at it. Finding the humor in a taboo story is the best part.


1.   Send story in a WORD DOC to

2.   Stories must be roughly 1500 words or 7 minutes speaking


Some past taboo topics: what it’s like to get HIV, what it’s like to be 50 and lonely, what it’s like to have hoarder parents, how it feels to come out to your conservative family, what it’s like to watch your parents die, what it’s like to be legal guardian of your mentally challenged sister, what it’s like to be into some really kinky sex stuff, what it’s like to work as a jello wrestler… and more!