Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.10.18 PM(Laurenne giving a Taboo talk about vulnerability at South East Panhellenic Conference)

If you think Taboo Tales is fun on stage in Hollywood, try hearing the secrets from an audience filled with your own friends and colleagues. We can bring our show to you in two ways:

Mini shows

We bring a whole Taboo Tales show to you based on the kind of event you want to create. You can choose your theme (family, gay rights, sex kinks, or simply taboo), and we curate a show specifically for you. Not only do you hear deliciously funny and taboo stories for a night, you also get to hear the secrets of all those who share at your event, opening up your group to titillating conversation and total vulnerability. Great for corporate events, fundraisers, or parties.

Vulnerability Series

Taboo Tales came about in part after Laurenne realized how freeing it felt to finally talk about her father’s suicide after holding it in for over 12 years! In her taboo talk, she explains the tricks society uses to get us to hold in our emotions and fear being ourselves. She shares her story and the path to learning how to open up, convincing audience members to share a bit about themselves as well. A less expensive version of Brené Brown, Laurenne creates an accepting environment in which people feel they can share who they really are. This talk creates a dialogue for days. Great for fraternities, sororities, and high schools.