After 7 years curating stories on stages around LA and NYC,

we realized a story for the stage wasn’t quite quenching our taboo thirst. We wanted more. And… the truth is… Corey’s mom wanted to hear Taboo Tales and she lives in Florida. So, we began bringing storytellers into the studio where we could bombard them with questions. Stage stories are limited to ten minutes, and of course ten minutes leaves you with questions like: What did you do after you collected your dog’s pee for the drug test? How did it feel to see your mom for the first time after she designated you a suppressed person in Scientology? What did you say after you burst out crying in the sex club?

With FERAL AUDIO producing our podcast now, we’ve got THREE episodes a month and fresh guests galore. Please contribute to our community episodes HERE. And send us feedback and ideas HERE. We want this to be a thing we all do together.


Taboo Tales Talks: The American Dream

With plans to build “a wall” on the political to-do list, we thought it was important to hear stories from two immigrants who came the the US searching for better lives. David, who crossed the US/Mexican border in the 90s to find a way to send his siblings to school, might have been kept out if there had been “a wall.” Catalina, who arrived in the 80s, escaped a drug war in Colombia. They’re both living their own versions of the American Dream.

TABOO TALES COMMUNITY: Which parent do you like better?

Corey and Laurenne are back together to discuss the love they feel for one parent over another (hint: the dead parent wins). They read answers from the community and learn that some moms are abusive, some dads are dicks, and some parents smoke weed.

Michael Rachlis & the thruple

Grinder’s early days, ethical non-monogamy, the logistics of a thruple, and how to have a happy marriage at Burning Man are just a few of the topics our guest, Michael Rachlis, covers in this funny and thoughtful episode. Modern love ya’ll!

Kris Hansen & the shuffled playlist

Writer, business woman, mother, and all around badass, Kris Hansen, joins us today to discuss all the things – financial abuse, the single life, married men, and getting a jolt of intuition that left her weeping on the side of the road. Just trust us and listen – it’ll all make sense.

TABOO TALES COMMUNITY: When was the last time you cried and why?

The incredible Moon Zappa is filling in for Laurenne in our second community episode! Thank you all for sharing whats made you cry recently and as always we learned a lot- biggest takeaway is that suffering is relative and we never really know what people are going through…unless we TALK ABOUT IT! And welcome to the Taboo community Moon, you’re one of us now <3

Taboo Tales Talks: Trans

Today T Chick McClure and Jake Akita share their experiences as trans men. T Chick, no stranger to Taboo Tales (check out his episode from 2/2016), is an open book about the nitty gritty aspects of taking hormones – voice changes, chest surgery, nipple placement, and hair in some very odd places. Jake shares about what it’s like to transition as a teenager in this current moment and how to be a good ally. One is 45 and one is a teenager and a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t.

Liz Brown & the Zoloft baby

Taboo Tales all star Liz Brown is back and spilling the deets on being mentally ill while pregnant. Everyone talks about post partum depression, but no one talks about pre natal depression – except for NOW. And PS: It just so happens that Laurenne is in labor as we post this episode!

Taboo Tales Community: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

It’s our very first community episode! We asked you, you answered, and now we SPILL! Thank you for sending in your answers to our first Taboo Q. We learned a lot — mostly that sex outdoors can be overrated and that some unsuspecting people can be REALLY creative. Check out for our next Taboo Q and get involved with the Taboo community!

Taboo Tales Talks: Race with Misty & Tina

Corey and Laurenne talk to Tina Huang and Misty Monroe about their experiences with race (ie: just living in the world as people of color). We are VERY lucky that we found such honest people to give us a hard dose of the truth for our first of many episodes that involve personal stories through interviews instead of stories that have been in our Taboo Tales stage show. After 7 years of asking people to talk about race in Taboo Tales and not finding many willing participants, WE HAVE A TON OF QUESTIONS. Race is one of our country’s biggest taboos, which means it must be discussed. Here’s what Misty and Tina have to say about race in general and in Hollywood.

Answer this month’s TABOO Q: Where’s the craziest or most public place you’ve had sex.


Spawn Ranch, San Francisco in the 70’s, New York City in the 80’s, activism and community organizing in the 90’s, and art shows and storytelling in the present make Joey a busy boy! Joey Terrill refers to himself as the “Chicano Forrest Gump” (with a higher IQ) because he’s truly experienced it all.

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Answer this month’s TABOO Q: Where’s the craziest or most public place you’ve had sex.